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Ferric Chloride solution 40% (40-45 Baume)


FERRIC CHLORIDE 40% IRON (III) CHLORIDE SOLUTION Technical grade Other Names: Iron trichloride, Ferric chloride, Molysite, Flores martis Formula: FeCl3 UN No. 2582 CAS No. 7705-08-0 Appearance: brown/orange liquid % Ferric chloride: 40% pH: 1.5 Boiling Point: >100C SG: 40 - 45 Baume Density: 1.35 - 1.45 g/cm3 Uses for Ferric chloride Ferric Chloride forms a corrosive solution which is used as a...

Ferric Sulphate Solution


FERRIC SULPHATE 30-46% IRON (III) SULPHATE 30-46% Technical grade Other Names: Iron (III) Sulfate, Ferric sulfate, Red Iron Liquor Formula: Fe2(SO4)3 S.G: 1.53 EINECS No. 233-072-9 CAS No. 10028-22-5 Appearance: red/brown liquid % Ferric sulphate: 30-46% % Ferric iron: 11.5% Boiling Point: >100C Density: 1.53 g/cm3 Iron(III) sulphate, is used in dyeing as a mordant, and as a coagulant for waste water treatment & industrial wastes. It is also used in pigments,...

Petroleum Jelly (Light Yellow) Technical Grade Petrolatum


Petroleum Jelly (Light Yellow) Technical Grade   Petroleum jelly also known as petrolatum, is an effective lubricant and protectant, excellent for treating metals to protect against rusting. It has a drop melting point around 60°C. It is used in many industrial applications. In metal polishes and buffing compounds, petroleum jelly protects against moisture and corrosion. Automotive uses: Petroleum jelly is...

Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) 30% Solution - Caustic Potash


POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE 30% Technical grade Potassium hydroxide (KOH) commonly known as caustic potash is also known as potassium lye. KOH is a strong alkaline substance that dissociates completely in water to potassium and hydroxyl ions. Potassium Hydroxide is manufactured by the electrolysis of the salt potassium chloride. Solid potassium hydroxide is obtained from this solution by the evaporation of water. Potassium hydroxide...

Sodium Hydroxide 30% Solution - Caustic Soda


Sodium hydroxide 30% 30% Caustic Soda Solution Technical grade Sodium hydroxide solution (NaOH) commonly known as caustic soda liquor, is supplied as a 30% by weight solution of pure sodium hydroxide powder dissolved in water. NaOH is a strong alkaline substance that dissociates completely in water to sodium and hydroxyl ions. The solution is slightly viscous and completely miscible with...

Sodium Silicate Solution 75Tw - Waterglass - Liquid Glass


Sodium Silicate 75°Tw Technical grade Sodium silicate is a clear, odourless, viscous liquid. It has a molar ratio of 3.27 and a total solids content of 36.8%. It is produced by fusing sand (SiO2) with sodium carbonate which produces solid glass (cullet). The glass is then dissolved in water and steam under high pressure which produces the sodium silicate solution...