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Calcium Fluoride - Fluorspar Acid Grade

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Fluorspar (Acid Grade) / Calcium Fluoride  Technical grade Fluorspar has multiple uses in the fiberglass, ceramic, welding rod, and glass industry. Also used in blending with burned lime & dolomite for the steel industry. Calcium fluoride is used as component of electrolyte, fluxing agent for aluminium metallurgy. It is used in glass and fluorescent lamps industry. Properties of Fluorspar Synonyms:...

Citric Acid Anhydrous - Technical grade

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CITRIC ACID ANHYDROUS Technical Grade Click Here if you were looking for Citric Acid monohydrate Citric acid is a weak organic acid but is a slightly stronger acid than typical carboxylic acids. This is because the anion can be stabilized by intermolecular hydrogen-bonding from other protic groups on Citric Acid. Anhydrous means that the chemical has no water of crystallisation and...