SXS93 Powder - Sodium xylene sulphonate 93%

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Sodium xylene sulphonate Powder


Technical grade

Sodium xylene sulphonate is used as an anticaking and antiblocking agent in powdered products, such as powder detergents. Is is used to improve detergent performance properties in washing. It is a solubiliser, coupling agent and processing aids in detergent manufacture and other industrial processes. It converts two phase systems into homogeneous mixtures. Xylenesulfonates are used in detergents and shampoos in amounts of up to 10% of the product.

Properties of sodium xylene sulphonate:

  • Other names: Xylenesulfonic acid sodium salt, Sodium xylenesulfonate, sodium xylene sulphonate, Xylenesulfonic acid sodium salt, Dimethylbenze­nesulphonic acid sodium salt, Sodium dimethylbenze­nesulphonate, eltesol sx,
  • Molecular Formula: (CH3)2C6H3.SO3Na
  • Molecular Weight: 208.24
  • CAS No.: 1300–72–7
  • EINECS.: 215–090–9
  • % Active: 93%
  • Appearance. white solid
  • Solubility: Miscible with water
  • pH: 8–10



    PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.