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Iron Oxide Yellow - Pigment Yellow 42


IRON OXIDE YELLOW Technical grade Yellow Iron oxide also known as Pigment yellow 42 is yellow powder in the form of an alkaline oxide with comparatively stable chemical properties. It is slightly soluble in acids but completely dissolves in concentrated hydrochloric acid. Iron oxide is used in coating, printing ink and paint, and also as a coloring agent for building material,...

Titanium Dioxide Powder TiO2 (Rutile)


TITANIUM DIOXIDE  Rutile - Technical/Industrial Grade Titanium Dioxide is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium and is found as the minerals Rutile, Anatase and Brookite. rhodochrosite. Titanium dioxide accounts for 70% of the total production volume of pigments worldwide. It is widely used to provide whiteness and opacity to products such as paints, plastics, papers and inks. A special micronized rutile grade...