Sodium Metabisulphite - Disodium Disulphite

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Disodium Sulphite

Sodium Metabisulphite

Technical Grade


  • Water treatment for removal of Chloramines.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting desalination systems and reverse osmosis membranes.
  • Removal of tree stumps by degradation of lignin.
  • For use in the photographic industry
  • As a reducing agent in the extraction of gold from aqua regia

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.


Properties of sodium metabisulphite:

  • Other names: sodium metabisulfite; sodium pyrosulphite; disodium disulphite; Pyrosulphurous acid, disodium salt
  • CAS No: 7681-57-4
  • EC No: 231-673-0
  • Formula: Na2S2O5
  • Appearance: white solid
  • Odour: sulphurous
  • Molar Mass: 190.11
  • Density: 1.48 g/cm3
  • Solubility: Easily soluble in cold water. (470 g/l at 20C)
  • pH: 3.5 to 5 [Acidic.]

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