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Acetone 99.5% (2-propanone)


Acetone General Reagent Grade Acetone is a clear, colourless, low-boiling, flammable and volatile liquid characterized by rapid evaporation and a faintly aromatic odour. It readily mixes with most organic solvents and mixes completely with water. However, compatibility should be checked prior to mixing with other solvents or materials.   PROPERTIES OF ACETONE: Synonyms: B-ketopropane, dimethyl ketone, dimethylformal­dehyde, DMK, propanone, 2-propanone, propan-2-one...

DPM - Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether


DPM DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL MONOMETHYL ETHER Technical grade DPM / Dipropylene glycol methyl ether is a mid-to slow evaporating solvent. This hydrophilic solvent has 100% water solubility and is ideally suited as a coupling agent in a wide range of solvent systems. DPM glycol ether has a higher flash point than propylene glycol methyl ether (PM) making it easier to handle,...

Propylene glycol monomethyl ether * PM * 1-Methoxy-2-propanol


Propylene glycol monomethyl ether  PM Glycol Ether * Methoxy Propanol Technical grade PM / Propylene glycol methyl ether is the fastest evaporating solvent of the glycol ether family. It has a high water solubility, excellent solvent with good coupling properties making it suitable for cleaning solutions and coating applications. This hydrophilic solvent has 100% water solubility and is ideally suited...

Propylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether * PnB Glycol Ether


Propylene Glycol Butyl Ether PnB Glycol Ether Technical grade PnB glycol ether is a fast evaporating, hydrophobic solvent which is extensively used in heavy-duty cleaning formulations. It does an excellent job of solvating and coupling hydrophobic greases and oils in household as well as industrial formulations. It is partly water soluble and miscible with most organic solvents. PnB glycol ether...