Aluminium Stearate - Aluminum octadecanoate


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Aluminium Stearate

Technical Grade


Aluminium stearate is the aluminium salt of the fatty acid, stearic acid


Properties of Aluminium Stearate:

CAS No - 637-12-7

Formula - C54H105AlO6

Appearance - White powder / White powder

Ash  (% M / m)  - 10.5 - 12.5

Melting Point (° C) - 160 - 170

Free Acid / Free Fatty Acid  (%) - <5.8

Moisture (% m) - <1

Granulometry (% Retained in 100 mesh) - <= 10

MW: 877.4 g/mol

Aluminium stearate is soluble in alkalies, glycols, mineral and vegetable oils, chlorinated hydrocarbons, petroleum, benzene, turpentine oil, toluene and xylene. It is insoluble in water, ethanol and alcohols


Aluminium Stearate is used as a lubricant, water repellent, Anti-caking agent, mould release agent and hydrocarbon gelling agent. Other uses include paints and coatings.