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Basic Yellow 28 - Acrylene Golden Yellow GL 200%

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Basic Yellow 28

Acrylene Golden Yellow GL

  • Other Names: SPECIAL GOLDEN YELLOW GL; BASIC YELLOW 28; Catonic Gold Yellow X-GL;2-[[(4-methoxyphenyl)met­hylhydrazono] met­hyl]-1,3,3-trimethyl-3H-indolium methyl sulphate; C.I. BASIC YELLOW 28; Catonic Golden Yellow GL; Basicgolde­neyellowGL; Ca­tionicgoldeny­ellowX-GL
  • Formula: C20H24N3O?CHO4S
  • Mol Wt: 433.52
  • CAS No: 54060-92-3
  • EINECS: 258-946-7
  • Appearance: yellow powder Light
  • Light fastness: 6
  • Wash fastness: 4-5
  • Sweat fastness: 5
  • Seawater fastness: 5
  • Use: for wool, silk, leather


  • Printing dye
  • Dye for poyester, wool, silk and leather
  • Chemical Dye
  • Permanent dye for fishing bait


PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.


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