Guar Gum - Polysaccharide - Thickening agent

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Guar Gum

Technical / Industrial Grade

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.


We are discontinuing this product and have reduced prices accordingly to clear. Once it's gone, it's gone

Guar Gum is a cold water soluble polysaccharide. Water solutions are odourless, of a pale, translucent off-white / grey colour, and almost neutral; Guar gum has 5 to 8 times the thickening power of starch; water solutions may be converted to a gel by small amount of borax; It is stable to heat and reduces friction drag of water on metals. Guar gum has synergistic interactions with other hydrocolloids such as Xanthan gum. 

Guar gum is manufactured by the wet mechanical grinding of endosperm Cyamopsis tetragonolobus. It is of high purity, fine granulation, rapid hydrating and high viscosity. It is designed for applications where water binding, lubrication or high viscosity are required.

Properties of Guar Gum:

  • CAS No.: 9000–30–0
  • EINECS: 232–536–8
  • Molecular Weight: 156.27
  • Chemical Formula: (C6H1005)n
  • Appearance: off white to yellow powder
  • Solubility: very soluble in water
  • S.G. 0.9 g/ml @20C
  • Melting Point: decomposes
  • Boiling Point: not applicable
  • Purity: 99% min
  • pH: 5.2-6.5 (1% solution)

It is highly stable both in alkali and acid conditions and also under a wide range of temperatures which makes it effective for for use in cleaning products.


Uses For Guar Gum:

Uses include: Paper coating, cosmetics, interior coating of firehose nozzles, fracturing aid in oil wells, textiles, printing, polishing. Guar gum can be used in lotions, gels and cosmetics because of its ability to mix oil and water. PH stability makes it ideal for use in thickening acid and alkaline chemical cleaners etc.

How to use Guar Gum

Normally Guar gum can be used at between 0.5 and 1% to thicken aqueous solutions. It is cold water soluble but it rapidly dissolves in warm / hot liquids. Always stir in well to ensure an even mix.


 Click here for Safety Data Sheet MSDS