IPM - Isopropyl Myristate


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Isopropyl Myristate - IPM

iso-Propyl Tetradecanoate


Isopropyl myristate, also commonly known as IPM is a clear, light yellow liquid which oily in appearance and vitually odourless. It is soluble in most solvents but considered insoluble in water. IPM is manufactured by the esterification of isopropyl alcohol with myristic acid.

Used in cosmetics and perfumery as it increases the absorption of perfumes etc on the skin.

Properties of isoproyl myristate:

  • Cas No: 110-27-0
  • EINECS No: 203-751-4
  • Molecular formula: CH3(CH2)12COOC­H(CH3)2
  • Appearance: Light yellow / clear oily liquid
  • Other names: Tetradecanoic acid, 1-methylethyl ester; Myristic acid isopropyl ester: IPM; propan-2-yl tetradecanoate; Estergel;
  • Molecular weight: 270.46
  • Acid value: 0.5 max
  • Specific gravity: 0.85
  • Melting Point: 3-5 oC
  • Boiling Point: 167 oC
  • Flash Point: 152 oC
  • Heavy metal: 0.0005% max
  • Insoluble in: Water.
  • Soluble in: Most organic solvents
  • Refractive index: 1.44
  • Vapour pressure: 9.35X10-5 mm Hg at 25 C

Soluble in castor oil, cottonseed oil, acetone, benzene, ether, chloroform, ethyl acetate, ethanol, toluene, and mineral oil; Dissolves many waxes, cholesterol, lanolin. It is practically insoluble in glycerol and propylene glycol

Health & safety

Not a hazardous substance or mixture according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008. This substance is not classified as dangerous according to Directive 67/548/EEC.


PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.


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