Our Services

Customer Support

At Mistral, we aim to provide a range of valued services to our customers. Our commitment to you doesn't just end at the checkout page. Both pre-sales and after-sales support is available by phone or email and you'll find our contact details on every page of this site.

Chemical Sourcing Services

Do you need a chemical for a particular application but can't find it anywhere at a reasonable cost or quantity? Ask us! and we will endeavour to supply you with what you need. We have lots of contacts in the chemical industry and can help in most cases.

Educational Retailing

The primary purpose of our site may be as an online retailer, however we think that we can better serve our customers if if our sites are as informative as possible. For every product we sell, we also research as many applications and uses as possible and make all of the information that we find available to you on the product pages. Eventually, we hope to become one of the biggest online resources for practical information about chemicals and the chemical industry. That's why we also maintain an articles section where we regularly post interesting and informative articles about our products and industry.

Responsible Selling

With the advent of the internet and e-commerce, there has been an explosion of companies and individuals selling chemicals to the public. However, we believe that what sets Mistral apart as a chemical retailer is our lasting commitment to responsible selling practices. This means that we will always make technical specifications and datasheets available to our customers so that you have all the information you need to safely use our products. Our labels may not be the flashiest on the market, but they will always be clear, concise and informative.

Many online retailers are happy to simply pop potentially dangerous chemicals into a jiffy bag and put them in the post. We on the other hand recognise that safety comes first. We do our best to package our products safely and robustly. We also work closely with our delivery couriers to ensure that they will reach you quickly and safely. Where the products being sent are potentially hazardous (marked Hazchem on our site) we will only send them with couriers that are equipped to deal with them safely. Unfortunately, we are aware that occasionally products will be lost or damaged in transit, and we do our best to ensure these problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Chemical Stock Clearance

If you are trying to dispose of any chemicals, from 20Kg to 10,000L, contact us and we may be able to help. If the products you have are of interest to us then we will offer to buy them from you and have them shipped to our own factory. You might be surprised at the wide range of chemicals that we are looking to source.