Silica Flour HIM2 - High purity Silicon Dioxide - 300 mesh


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Silica Flour HIM2

High Purity Silicone dioxide

Technical Grade

Properties of Silica Flour :


    Other Names - Silicone Dioxide, Quartz

    CAS No - 14808-60-07

    SiO2 - 99.7% typical
    Al2O3 - 0.1% typical
    TiO2 - 0.02% typical
    Fe2O3 - 0.03% typical
    CaO - 0.006% typical
    K2O - 0.01% typical
    Na2O - 0.006% typical

    Moisture:- <1.0%

    Residue on 53μm - 2,5% typical
    d50:- 17μm typical

    Uses for Silica Flour:

    Silica flour is used as an abrasive in polishes and cleaning products; an additive in soaps, and paints; as a reinforcing filler in rubber, plastics, paper, wood fillers, and road surfacing materials; and in fillers. It also is used in foundry work and in glass, ceramic, porcelain, tile, and clay production.


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    PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.