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Aluminium Hydroxide - Hydrated Alumina

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  • Formula: Al(OH)3
  • UN No. N/R
  • CAS No. 21645-51-2
  • Appearance: white powder
  • % purity:
  • Other names:Alumini­um(3+) trioxidanide, Aluminic acid, Aluminic hydroxide, Aluminium(III) hydroxide, Aluminum hydroxide,Hydrated alumina, Orthoaluminic acid
  • Molecular formula: Al2O3.3H2O
  • Molar mass: 78 g/mol
  • Density: 2.42 g/cm3
  • Melting point: 300 C


Uses For Aluminium Hydroxide

  • For the manufacture of aluminium and aluminium compounds
  • As a fire retardant
  • Ceramics and pottery

In ceramics it is used primarily to promote 'stiffness' of glazes (6-10% of silica content). Increasing firing temperature and resistance to chemical attack. In larger quantities (15% of glaze) however, produces opaque and matt effects. Also used on kiln shelves as protection against glaze sticking. 


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    PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.