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Leather Fragrance Oil

A Leather fragrance oil that evokes the smell of horse saddle leather with a distinctive and nostalgic aroma that combines the rich, earthy scent of aged leather with subtle hints of the outdoors. 

Fragrance Profile

  1. Top Notes:

    • Smoky and Resinous: The initial scent often includes smoky and resinous notes, reminiscent of the slightly charred, well-oiled leather of a saddle. This can be complemented by a hint of pine or cedar resin, evoking the scent of a tack room.
  2. Heart Notes:

    • Warm and Musky: The heart of the fragrance is dominated by the warm, musky aroma of well-worn leather. This note is deep and inviting, often layered with nuances of amber and soft spices, capturing the essence of a well-used saddle that has absorbed the natural oils and sweat over time.
  3. Base Notes:

    • Earthy and Woody: The base notes provide a grounding foundation, typically featuring earthy and woody elements like oakmoss, vetiver, or sandalwood. These notes add depth and longevity to the fragrance, enhancing the authentic, rugged scent of saddle leather.

Overall Impression

  • Authentic and Nostalgic: This fragrance oil is designed to evoke a sense of authenticity and nostalgia, transporting one to a horse stable or a riding arena. The scent is reminiscent of the care and craftsmanship involved in maintaining quality leather tack.
  • Warm and Inviting: The rich, warm notes make the fragrance inviting and comforting, creating an atmosphere that is both familiar and luxurious.
  • Robust and Rugged: This fragrance oil has a robust and rugged character, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate the outdoors and the equestrian lifestyle.


  • Perfumery: Leather fragrance oil that mimics saddle leather is popular in niche perfumery, used to create complex, sophisticated fragrances that appeal to those who love the outdoors and rustic charm.
  • Home Fragrance: Ideal for candles, diffusers, and room sprays, where it can add a warm, inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a barn or tack room.
  • Personal Care Products: Used in soaps, lotions, and grooming products to impart a distinctive, luxurious scent that resonates with equestrian enthusiasts.
  • Fashion and Accessories: Often used in leather goods and accessories, enhancing the natural scent of leather and providing a complementary fragrance that brings to mind the classic smell of a well-kept saddle.


Leather fragrance oil that evokes the smell of horse saddle leather combines smoky, resinous top notes with a warm, musky heart and earthy, woody base notes. This creates a rich, authentic, and nostalgic aroma that is both inviting and robust, making it suitable for a variety of applications from perfumery to home fragrances and personal care products. This scent captures the essence of equestrian life, evoking the care and craftsmanship of maintaining quality leather tack.

It is suitable for use in making:

  • Detergents
  • Perfumes
  • Soaps
  • Creams
  • Oil burners
  • Diffuser oils
  • Air fresheners
  • Room sprays
  • Candles
  • pot pourri
  • Bath bombs
  • Bath salts etc


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PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.