Copper Carbonate Basic 12069-69-1


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Technical grade


  • Other Names: Copper (II) carbonate hydroxide (2:1:2); malachite, copper, [carbonato (2-)] dihydroxydi-; basic copper (II) carbonate; cupric carbonate basic; copper carbonate hydroxide, Dicopper dihydroxycarbonate
  • CAS No: 12069-69-1
  • EINECS No. 235-113-6
  • Formula: CuCO3 Cu(OH)2
  • MOL Wt: 221.13
  • Assay: 100%
  • % Copper: 54-56%
  • Physical state: Fine green powder
  • Specific gravity: 4.0
  • Melting Point: 200C
  • Solubility: insoluble

Copper carbonate is insoluble in cold water and alcohols, soluble in acids to produce the copper salt, cyanides, sodium hydroxide and ammonium salts to produce complexes. It produces copper sulphide when reacted with hydrogen sulphide.

It is used for wood preservative and in PCB systems it is used for Non-Cyanide Electroplating, overcoming the shortcoming of some substrates which cannot be plated directly. It is safer to use because of its lower toxicity. It is suitable for electro-plating of decorative material (Mg-Al alloy), car parts, machinery parts, jewellery, steel,dairy equipment etc. Copper carbonate is used in pottery and ceramics as a glaze colorant. Depending on conditions and formulation it may produce green, blue-green or copper red. Used as an organic catalyst, in firework manufacturing and as a paint agent.


 PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.