Iron Oxide Black - Iron (II III) Oxide Fe3O4


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Technical grade

Uses for Ferrous Ferric Oxide / Black Iron Oxide:

  • Used as black pigment (CI pigment black 11 / CI 77499).
  • A pigment in ceramics to produce glazes.
  • Used as a catalyst in the Haber process.
  • Used as a catalyst in the 'water gas shift reaction'.
  • Used as an ingredient in thermate, a type of thermite, used for cutting steel.



  • Other Names: Iron (II III) Oxide, ferrous ferric oxide, iron(II) diiron(III) oxide, ferroso ferric oxide, magnetite, black iron oxide, lodestone, rust
  • CAS No: 1317-61-9
  • Formula: Fe3O4 / FeO.Fe2O3
  • MOL Wt: 321.5 g/mol
  • Assay: >98%
  • Physical state: Black powder
  • Particle size: <75 microns
  • Specific gravity: 5.17 g/cm3
  • Melting Point: 1597 oC
  • Solubility: insoluble


PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.


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