Sulfate of Potash - Potassium Sulphate - Industrial Grade / Fertiliser


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Potassium Sulphate

Industrial grade / Fertilizer 

Potassium sulphate is a non-flammable off white solid which is soluble in water. It is commonly used in fertilizers as it provides both potassium and sulphur.

It is suitable for fertigation and ideal where high potassium levels are required without additional nitrogen.

Suitable for crops with a high sulphur demand, has very low chloride content, is highly soluble and dissolves very quickly.

Total Potassium Oxide (K2O) - 50%

Potassium - 41.5%


Properties of potassium sulphate:

  • Formula: K2SO4
  • CAS No. 7778-80-5
  • Appearance: off white solid
  • % Potassium: 41.5%
  • % Sulphur: 18%
  • Other names: Potassium sulphate, potassium sulfate, sulphate of potash
  • Molecular formula: K2SO4
  • Molar mass: 174.25 g/mol
  • Density: 2.66 g/cm3
  • Melting point: 1069 C

Uses For Potassium sulphate

As a fertilizer: Sulphate of Potash helps improve the quality of fruit and flowers and strengthens plant resistance to diseases. It encourages growth in flowers. Providing potassium to crops sensitive to chloride and salt e.g. tomatoes, avocados, lettuce, melons, french beans, tobacco, citrus, kiwifruit, raspberries and strawberries. It contains a low salt index helping to avoid the plant taking up excess water. It mixes well with all other fertilisers. Apply at a rate of 20 - 35g per square metre

Drilling applications: Potassium sulphate is used to formulate water-based drilling fluids where a source of potassium ions is required to inhibit shale hydration and chloride salts are prohibited for environmental reasons. Thus potassium sulphate is almost exclusively used in land drilling operations, where discharge and disposal of chloride salts is highly regulated.


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Health & Safety: S 24/25 Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption .