Sodium xylene sulphonate 30% - SXS30


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Sodium xylene sulphonate


Technical grade

SXS30 is an anionic surfactant used in liquid detergents. It is also commonly used in heavy duty degreasers, floor / wax strippers, dishwashing detergent formulations, shampoos and in the textile industry. It works as a co-surfactant, solubiliser, hydrotrope / coupling agent and cloud point depressant.

  • Other names: Xylenesulfonic acid sodium salt; Sodium xylenesulfonate; sodium xylene sulphonate; Xylenesulfonic acid sodium salt; Dimethylbenze­nesulphonic acid sodium salt; Sodium dimethylbenze­nesulphonate;
  • Molecular Formula: (CH3)2C6H3.SO3Na
  • Molecular Weight: 208.24
  • CAS No.: 1300–72–7
  • EINECS.: 215–090–9
  • % Active: 30%
  • Appearance. Colourless/yellow liquid
  • Solubility: Miscible with water
  • pH: 8–10


PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.