TOFA 2 - Tall Oil Fatty Acid (2% Rosin)


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Tall oil fatty acid (TOFA 2)

Technical grade

A tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) with high fatty acid content and low content of 2% rosin acids and unsaponifiables. The fatty acid fraction consists primarily of oleic and linoleic acids. The light colour together with excellent colour stability and air drying properties are derived from its origin, the northern pine.

CAS number: 61790-12-3


Appearance: Viscous yellow lquid

Melting point/range°C: -7

Boiling point/range°C: >200

Relative density: 0.908


Uses for Tall oil fatty acid:

  • Alkyd resins for paints
  • Dimer acid manufacture
  • Soaps and detergents


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 PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.