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Silicone Emulsion 70% (GPS70)


SILICONE EMULSION 70% active GPS70 is a silicone emulsion concentrate which is designed to allow formulators to prepare a range of different strength products, from a single feedstock, to exact customer requirements, by simply mixing with water in the appropriate ratio. Stable emulsions down to 15% solids are easily prepared to order, using standard paddle or propeller stirrers. GPS70, and...

Silicone Oil 350 (Polydimethylsiloxane PDMS)


SILICONE OIL 350 Properties of silicone oil: Synonyms: alpha-Methyl-omega-methoxypolydi­methylsiloxane, PDMS Formula: (-Si(CH3)2O-)n CAS No: 63148-62-9 Viscosity: 350 mm2/s Melting Point: -55 oC Autoignition Point: >400 oC Flash Point: 315 oC Density: 0.98 g/cm3 at 20oC Solubility: insoluble in water Silicone 350 is insoluble in water, methanol, ethanol, dilute acids and caustics, vegetable and mineral oils, glycol and glycerin. It is soluble in hexane, aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorohydrocarbons, ethers, esters, ketones and higher alcohols. A high quality of silicone...

Antifoam - 20% Siloxane Emulsion Concentrate


ANTIFOAM S30 General reagent grade A silicone based anti foam emulsion, which is easily diluted with water and quickly destroys foam in acid, neutral and alkaline aqueous foaming systems. It can be used as supplied or pre-diluted with tap water to required concentration. Dilute application is recommended in the case of hot foaming systems. Technical Data Appearance: White mobile anti-foam emulsion...

Silicone polyether block copolymer


Silicone polyether block copolymer Technical grade A silicone additive based on a blend of Silicone polyether block copolymers in polyether. It is used as an anti-scratch and anti-cissing agent in solventless paints and varnishes as well as in printing inks and in water based paints In water based paints it also acts as an anti-bubble agent.   Properties Appearance: clear...

Flint - Silicon Dioxide Powder


  Flint - Silicon Dioxide Technical grade Synonyms: Silicon dioxide, silicon oxide, silica, quartz, SPECIFICATION CAS No.: 14808-60-7 EINECS: 238-878-4 Molecular Weight: 60.1 Chemical Formula: SiO2 Appearance: off white powder Solubility: insoluble in water (g/L) S.G. 2.6 g/cm3 at 20c Assay: 98% minimum Particle size: 55-62% <14 microns Melting Point: 1610 C Boiling Point: 2230 C pH: 6   Health & Safety Hazard Codes: Xn...

Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate - sodium silicate - Metso


SODIUM METASILICATE PENTAHYDRATE Sodium Silicate Hydrate Technical grade Sodium Metasilicate is formed by the high temperature fusion of sodium carbonate and silicon dioxide. Sodium Metasilicate forms highly alkaline solutions when dissolved in water. It is commonly used as a component of cleaners such as dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent. The industrial name of it is water glass. It is extensively...

Sodium Silicate Solution 75Tw - Waterglass - Liquid Glass


Sodium Silicate 75°Tw Technical grade Sodium silicate is a clear, odourless, viscous liquid. It has a molar ratio of 3.27 and a total solids content of 36.8%. It is produced by fusing sand (SiO2) with sodium carbonate which produces solid glass (cullet). The glass is then dissolved in water and steam under high pressure which produces the sodium silicate solution...

Talc - Magnesium Silicate Hydrate


Talc - Magnesium Silicate Hydrate Technical Grade Talc is a refined hydrated magnesium silicate which is an off-white powder. It is a common metamorphic mineral found naturally throughout the world. Talc is the softest mineral on the planet and is a tri-octahedral layered mineral with a similar structure to pyrophyllite but with magnesium in the octahedral sites of the composite layers....