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Zeolite - Natural Clinoptilolite Powder <40 microns - Land Remediation & Water Treatment - Ponds & Aquariums


Zeolite Zeoclin Clinoptilolite Grade: <40 microns Uses: turf care, fertiliser manufacture, land remediation, swimming pool filter and waste water treatmentZeoClin is a high quality natural zeolite (clinoptilolite).    PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.  Technical BackgroundZeolites are a family of crystalline aluminosilicate minerals. In common with other zeolites, ZeoClin (clinoptilolite) has a three dimensional cage-like structure consisting...

Zesty Lime Fragrance Oil


Zesty Lime Fragrance Oil A citrus fragrance oil with the zingy, refreshing aroma of lime. For using in reed diffusers, room sprays, soaps and oil burners. It is suitable for use in making: Detergents Perfumes Soaps Creams Oil burners Diffuser oils Air fresheners Room sprays Candles pot pourri Bath bombs Bath salts etc IFRA CONFORMITY CERTIFICATE We certify that the...

Zinc Carbonate ZnCO3


ZINC CARBONATE Technical grade - ZnCO3 Zinc Carbonate, also know as Carbonic acid, zinc salt (1:1); Zinc carbonate hydroxide; Carbonato de cinc (Spanish); Carbonate de zinc (French); Zinc Monocarbonate. CAS NUMBER: 3486-35-9 PHYSICAL STATE: White fine powder MELTING POINT: Decomposes (300 C) SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 4.42 - 4.45 SOLUBILITY IN WATER: Insoluble STABILITY: Stable under ordinary conditions. Moisure sensitive Zinc carbonate is a white crystals or fine powder; insoluble...

Zinc Oxide ZnO - High Quality


ZINC OXIDE High Quality General Reagent Grade Zinc Oxide ( ZnO ) occurs as white powder known as zinc white or as the mineral zincite. Zinc oxide is an amphoteric oxide. It is only very slightly soluble in water and alcohol, but it is soluble in most acids such as hydrochloric acid or nitric acid. When it reacts with phosphoric...

Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate - Zinc sulfate 7H2O


ZINC SULPHATE HEPTAHYDRATE Technical grade USES OF ZINC SULPHATE: Source of zinc for agricultural applications. For making lithopone. Used in electrolytes for zinc plating. Used as a mordant in dyeing. Used as a preservative for skins and leather. Active ingredient in products for use as moss remover for paths and roofs (not for lawns). Properties of zinc sulphate: CAS No: 7446-20-0...